Ladies’ Auxiliary

The Boys & Girls Clubs
and the Ladies’ Auxiliary… A remarkable partnership


For over 63 years, Ladies’ Auxiliary of Arlington has made a profound impact on the lives of the kids who need us most in Arlington. For 8,000-plus vulnerable young people in our community, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Tarrant County serves as a home-away-from-home, providing them with academic, vocational, social and recreational opportunities they would not otherwise have except for the generosity of supporters like you. With the help of the Auxiliary, BGCGTC continues to close the gap for more and more youth in Arlington.


Ladies’ Auxiliary Leadership 2024

Ladies’ Auxiliary Leadership 2024 – 2026

President … Lee Ann Jerome

1st Vice-President … Elizabeth Arnott
2nd Vice-President … Beth Anne Woodard
Secretary … Jennifer Chavez
Treasurer …  Trisha Barling
Parliamentarian …. Dana Queenan
Past President….. Dawn Serman


President- President – Darla Peznell

1st Vice-President – Membership – Lyn Snyder
2nd Vice-President – Hospitality – Jan Barton-Gerro
Secretary  –  Beth Anne Woodard
Treasurer  –  Trisha Barling
Co-Treasurer  –  Amber DeLoach
Parliamentarian  –  Dawn Serman
Past President  –  Lee Ann Jerome

Past Presidents:

Mrs. Adolph Reinhardt
Mrs. B.J. Fuller
Mrs. Gerald Monroe
Mrs. Darel Spangler
Mrs. John Kearley
Mrs. Ed McGowan
Mrs. James Miller
Ms. Sue Stevens-Durbec
Mrs. Pete Link
Mrs. Jack Riley



Mrs. Rodger Groves
Mrs. Dick Davis
Mrs. Diane Frost
Ms. Priscilla Hankinson Mills
Mrs. Peter Hatton
Mrs. Don Illingworth
Mrs. Dave Cradick
Mrs. Glenn Ezell
Mrs. Paul Knuckley
Mrs. Curtis VonDerAhe


Mrs. Robert Malone
Mrs. James Bass
Mrs. Craig Hubble
Mrs. Bill Spradlin
Ms. Suzanne McCabe
Mrs. John Landry
Mrs. Mike O’Donnell
Mrs. Kevin Queenan
Mrs. Tony Cerza
Mrs. Brigham Serman

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